Lineage Photography is a body inclusive space, offering boudoir and portrait photography for women and GNB bodies of all sizes, abilities, orientations, and ages. We are based in Edmonton, Alberta, but can be frequently found travelling throughout Western Canada. We are born out of a desire to see more bodies like our own, glorious and diverse. An answer to the question where are all the breathtaking bodies we see all around us, hidden and woefully absent from photo portfolios, Instagram feeds and family albums.

Your body is wanted here.
It will be celebrated, applauded and captured in all its glory.

-Welcome to Lineage Photography-


Lineage Photography is dedicated to my mother.

To the courageous woman she raised me to be, to the ways she always saw beauty in my spirit, to the ways she struggled to see that same light in her own reflection.
We are the women who raised us, and their mothers, and the matriarch that echoes long before we took our first breath; the intergenerational way we examine our bodies with careful critique.

And so we know deep in our bones, that body confidence can shift in a single generation. That we can raise our children, and inspire others to embrace and celebrate their skin.

That we can redefine our lineage.