Brand Photography

We are here to capture you, exactly as you are, in all your glory.

It’s an incredible honor to be entrusted with helping define your brand’s visual identity. From website updates to building out your online shop catalogue to creating a cohesive social media presence to simply freezing those monumental every moments, we love waiting for that frame, the unspoken movement that defines who your business is and helps you authentically share that with the world.

With each client and business being so wonderfully unique, our process works closely with you to personalize the experience from concept creation, day of styling, to creating custom presets that fits your brand’s aesthetic.

Brand Photography Packages start at $475

That New New

We are so excited to be offering a flat rate for shooting on your card!

Perfect for influencers, photographers, and brands with the desire to control the editing process internally, we’ll let you take the lead in the planning (content and location scouting) and we’ll snap away on your card (in JPEG or RAW based on client preference) and at the end of our session, you’ll have the card with every single image to edit to your heart’s content.

Flat Rate for Shooting $150 / Hour