Your body is wanted.

Worthy of being preserved exactly as it is.

Sought after and celebrated here.

Lineage Photography was born out of craving to see more. To see more diverse body representation in portfolios, Instagram feeds, and family albums. We are here to capture boudoir and portraiture. To empower bodies through photography, showing folks precisely how breathtaking they are. Right now. In this exact exhale.
Our photography work focuses on both sides of fierceness; dressed up in garments that make you feel glorious or stripped back to next to (or entirely) nothing- whatever feels more like home for you. We want to help you take up space and see your body however that feels for you. All bodies are embraced here, a place for women and gender non-binary folks, to be photographed in motion, in garments that swaddle your curves or exposed flesh in the wild.

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21st Century Nonsense is a boutique Social Media Management firm, dedicated to forging connections and conversations; the social in social media. From brand photography to compelling copywriting, we’re here to bridge the gap between customer experience and your online presence, to help create visuals that breathe life into your brand across your digital platforms.


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Training and consulting

A long time in the works, this list has been repeatedly requested and I’m so delighted to share it - ethically made brands that dared to expand past a size 14.

May this give you a jumping off place to find pieces you'll love. You are not alone, it is really really hard, but there are places, brands, shops that think your body is beautiful and worth adorning with gorgeous garments. And this is that list.

It's so lovely to meet you. 



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